Friday, April 13, 2012

{ NOW OPEN! } RiekoYamanaka(dot)com

I am excited to announce the launch of my graphic design and illustration portfolio website! It’s been the most challenging project for me by far, but I am very happy to have finally put it together.

The website is built on Cargo Collective, and I customized almost every element by grappling with the codes. Whenever I design anything, legibility and ease of navigation are top priorities; this time it was no different. I went through almost every typeface on Typekit and finally chose Museo Slab for the headings and Prenton for the body text.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy♥


  1. Looooove it! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations, Rieko! Your new web looks really proffessional and beautiful! I wish you ALL THE BEST in your new work as freelance!

    1. ALMU! Thank you so much, great to see you here :-D

  3. BTW, Thanks for your last comments!

  4. I ADORE your new web site! It is gorgeous, engaging, funny, easy-to-use, functional, cute, informational, playful, sweet, lovely, and elegant!! I'm so excited that you will work on my website and publicity materials!!!

  5. Ow, you are awesome!! Grappling with code - that IS code to me, I barely manage to add links to my blog ;) I need some time to look at your website, and I will - but what you show here looks amazing!!

    (re. your comments on my blog - THANKS!! Yes, waterbrush, they are awesome when using watercolour outside! I'm a total beginner, and even getting out there and DOING is a stretch ;)
    Oh, and feel free to answer my questions though I didn't tag you ;) It is a lovely way to find out more about people indeed!)

  6. LOVE your web site!!! Very clean and well done!!!
    I fumble with mine for ages now and in the meantime i discovered that blogspot almost features everything i need... hmm, perhaps i don't need it anymore??? :-)
    AND Peko Peko is so appetizing... i think i need it in my collection of cookbooks!
    I'm such a sucker for japanese food.
    I wish you many, many clients and good luck for your start in freelance work.
    Anata no buji wo oinori shimasu! ( only in romanji for now ;-) )

  7. Hi, Rieko, hope you're doing fine. Just wanted to say you I have chosen you Liebster blog. No big issue, but that's your award, please have a look in my blog.