Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Body Intelligence Flyers

Speech bubbles! I designed these earlier this month for Body Intelligence, my friend Cory Nakasue’s wellness company. Cory wanted a design that is simple, eye-catching, presents the information clearly, and has an fun, neighborhood feel that appeals specifically to the audience in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In thinking about how to make this flyer stand out amongst others, instead of settling on the cliche of body silhouettes I brainstormed simple images that may appear to have nothing to do with Pilates but still gets the message across. The rickety speech bubbles turned out to be perfect vehicle for that, and I am so happy the client loved the design as well!


  1. Brock6:30 PM

    great design, reiko :)

  2. Love them! They speak to me, I'd check it out - if I were in the neighbourhood ;) I love the font in the speech bubbles, it almost looks lettered by hand!
    (& that's one cool logo too - the Y into a body! I know it isn't yours, but it's cute!)

  3. Thank you Cory, Brock, and Yvonne!

    Yvonne, what you said about the flyer speaking to you is the biggest compliment I can hope for as a graphic designer. You made my day! And HOORAY that you like the logo because as Cory knows, I actually did design it a while back:)

  4. So cool :) of course, the fact that I didn't know that makes the compliment even more 'real' ;)

  5. It totally does! xox

  6. Rieko, they are great, and I agree with Yvonne, the logo is super clever! Great that it's also yours, congratulations!