Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Savannah Room

Just came back from a mini-break in Ocean Grove, New Jersey—a quaint, charming seaside town with a beautiful beach, kind people, and authentic Victorian architecture everywhere. I just adored the antique oak dresser in the room we stayed in, so here is a sketch in sepia ink and colored pencils.


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... love your watercolour style, and you do SUCH an awesome job with hung clothing... :)

  2. uhm... coloured pencils! it struck me as watercolours! :) beautiful either way!
    thanks for returning the visit - always love to hear from you! Hope you're doing better, too!

  3. Thanks Yvonne! I always love hearing from you as well. Actually, I find it very cool that you thought it was watercolor :-) I keep meaning to do more watercolor, but I am so hopelessly lazy sometimes I keep reaching for the pencils which require no cleanup LOL

  4. Can't find a mail i leave my message here. I don't know if you have also been evacuated...Hope hurricane "Irene" won't hit you to hard.
    I think of you!
    Hugs Judith

  5. Judith! You are so sweet. Actually my husband and I live a block away from the mandatory evacuation zone, so we decided to play safe and left last night. Staying at my mom's place over the weekend. Thank you so much for your kindness, hope you are well too :-)

  6. Hi, girls! So much silliness around here!
    Yes, I was also thinking of you when I heard in the news about evacuation. Take good care, Rieko!
    The sketch is really beautiful, and so full of details!
    P.S.- Your text brought me some memories, I tried clam chowder many years ago in the Pacific coast. I still remember, clam chowder in a bun, yummi!

  7. Thank you ALMU! Clam chowder in a bun sounds AMAZING:-) Actually, Ocean Grove where I did this sketch is probably getting hit very hard as we speak... I really hope all the people have been safely evacuated and that Irene spares all the beautiful boardwalks and houses there...

  8. I want that vanity furniture!