Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane and Cheese Cake

Very happy to be back in Red Hook greeting the sun after Hurricane Irene swept over the East Coast. My hubby and I were lucky enough to spend the otherwise nervewrecking weekend in the comfort of my mom’s apartment and her gracious hospitality. The highlight for me was helping her bake her famous souffle cheese cake. I am now convinced that the best way to pass the time while waiting for the arrival of a hurricane is to bake a fluffy cheese cake (and paint it, then eat it)!

In wake of the all the damage left by Irene, though, I must say I am extremely fortunate to be able to emerge unscathed and write such a nonchalant post like this. My prayers are with all those who are affected.


  1. I'm such an **** when it comes to these things - I don't follow the news at the moment - choices to make, limited hours - and didn't know about Irene till she had passed... SO glad to hear you & yours are okay!
    Note to self - must remember fluffy cheese cakes when waiting for hurricanes ;)
    Love love LOVE the art - it's beautiful & looks good enough to eat right off the screen!

  2. Thanks for the amazing compliment, Yvonne! For the sake of my inner peace I stopped following the news a long time ago, so you can say I am likewise an **** about these things LOL. But the really important things you always find out from the people around you, so I think this is okay ;-)

  3. Yum, yum and yum. Love it! This cheesecake reminds me to one that my old grand-aunt used to bake. I'm glad that you had a nice time at your mom! The colours of the cake crust are really great!

  4. Oops - I meant an ***** of course ;) & I agree wholeheartedly - forgot to mention the inner-peace-thing, too true! :)

  5. great. using your sketchbook style, you made a great ad. that's excellent as are all your sketchbook pages. but, in terms of graphic design, this somehow jumps the hurdle whereas the drawing with lettering pages are not as convincing. maybe it's simply the background color. if you brighten a bit, they may work. they're all very good! xxoo. g.