Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane and Cheese Cake

Very happy to be back in Red Hook greeting the sun after Hurricane Irene swept over the East Coast. My hubby and I were lucky enough to spend the otherwise nervewrecking weekend in the comfort of my mom’s apartment and her gracious hospitality. The highlight for me was helping her bake her famous souffle cheese cake. I am now convinced that the best way to pass the time while waiting for the arrival of a hurricane is to bake a fluffy cheese cake (and paint it, then eat it)!

In wake of the all the damage left by Irene, though, I must say I am extremely fortunate to be able to emerge unscathed and write such a nonchalant post like this. My prayers are with all those who are affected.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Savannah Room

Just came back from a mini-break in Ocean Grove, New Jersey—a quaint, charming seaside town with a beautiful beach, kind people, and authentic Victorian architecture everywhere. I just adored the antique oak dresser in the room we stayed in, so here is a sketch in sepia ink and colored pencils.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Silly IV} Pencil Sketches

Study of two objects lying around in my living room for no apparent reason. I kind of like how they turned out inside the doodly frames. FYI, the massage balls (for lack of a better name) are a dancer’s best friend and can be made by stuffing an old sock with two tennis balls and tying it shut. They are particularly useful for the paraspinal muscles, glutes, and iliotibial band.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

{Silly IV} One-liner Sketches

One-liners have really grown on me since taking Carla Sonheim's Art of Silliness workshops. Since I can't lift the pen, I end up making lots of loopy movements with my hand, which seems to help me take drawing less seriously, in a good way. I also like the naturally whimsical look it creates.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Alexander McQueen at the Met

Two weeks since my designer friend Angie recommended I go see it, I finally got to check out Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Met last Saturday. I got there around 10:30am but the line to see the special exhibit was already 2.5 hours long, snaking through various hallways on the second floor. So there was plenty of time to admire what might be my favorite architecture in all of New York... well as Ancient Near Eastern, Cypriot, Islamic, and European art.

The McQueen exhibit itself was exquisite! (instead of attempting to describe it with my limited vocabulary, I'm putting a link to the New York Times review here) He was apparently a true genius with his scissors. I tried to sketch some of my favorites since photographing was prohibited, but it was so crowded in there this turned out to be quite difficult. (Also, it was way past lunch time and I was starting to get hungry...)

Bought two postcards of my favorite pieces at the gift shop. The flower dress on the left from the 2007 Sarabande collection was just unbelievable in person. Nude silk organza embroidered with silk flowers and fresh flowers...!