Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Panorama

On the beach, I am usually playing in the water or sleeping on the sand... but this day, the water was too cold so I whipped out my watercolor moleskine and started sketching.

The girl reading in the right panel had a cute candy stripe swimsuit on, which matched the parasol the sleeping woman on the left panel was using. I completed the sketch with the sporty script lettering I found on a T-shirt in one of the souvenir stores by the train station.


  1. Coool! I love your sketches!!!

  2. Helloooo Almu! Thank you:-)

  3. Ach, seigh. We have "april" weather for weeks now. It's raining hole days, can you imagine that?.
    Summer must taking place somewhere else, chez toi as i can see :-)
    The sketches are great.

  4. Please put a "w" to the "hole"... with Isabelle in my hair i'm constantly distracted...