Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Panorama

On the beach, I am usually playing in the water or sleeping on the sand... but this day, the water was too cold so I whipped out my watercolor moleskine and started sketching.

The girl reading in the right panel had a cute candy stripe swimsuit on, which matched the parasol the sleeping woman on the left panel was using. I completed the sketch with the sporty script lettering I found on a T-shirt in one of the souvenir stores by the train station.

Friday, July 08, 2011

{Silly IV} Swirls

Another fun one from Carla Sonheim’s Silly IV. You start with the instructor's drawing (the sailboat and the waves) and keep adding as many items on the list provided as you want. I loved the way Carla drew the waves in swirls, so I kept adding more and more swirls and ended up with this. Makes me want to go make some lemonade!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

{Silly IV} Brain Chatter

Here is a fun exercise I did for Carla Sonheim’s Silly IV workshop. I went outside, sat on my apartment steps for 10 minutes, and furiously recorded whatever thoughts that popped into my head. Then I went back to my room and colored the doodle with marker and colored pencil, as fast as I could. I was pretty dumbfounded to see in drawing how much nonsense whirls around in my head... this is everything that one tries to calmly observe and let go during meditation, and yet this chaos is where creativity springs forth. Hm.

P.S. Carla awarded me the “Squeen (silly + queen) of the Day” title for this silliness. Whee!