Monday, March 07, 2011

Under the Puerto Rican Sun

Happy March! I am back from Puerto Rico with a surprisingly subtle tan and a few happy revelations:
  1. If you live in New York, late February is a perfect time to escape to somewhere warm.
  2. Likeminded friends whom you can enjoy vacationing with, are godsends.
  3. Good mofongo beats mashed potatoes in the comfort food faceoff. 
  4. I still don’t see myself driving a car, ever.
  5. My blog needs to remain an honest and stress-free outlet, if I want it to last. As such, I will continue to post regularly but no longer force myself to do that five times a week.


  1. Ahhh, nice photos ! :) Boqueron, where is it ? I've only been to Isla Verde or in the east.

  2. Thank you for visiting kiyoshi-san! Boquerón is in the southwestern part of Puerto Rico. It was party central on Saturday night! We actually flew in through the airport in Isla Verde/San Juan but didn't get to spend time there...

  3. Manatee area!!! Did you see any? I LOVE those big fat mermaids... Thanks for your nice comment, HOOOOLAAAA!

  4. beautiful pictures! it looks like we both escaped the cold for a little while...

  5. awesome! Glad you had a nice and relaxing vacation and also glad that you'll post, whenever you can and not stress yourself out!

  6. I LOVE manatees too :)
    lovely photos, looks like a sunny well-deserved break! & with you on the 'keep it fun'-thing re. blogging :)

  7. Looks as so you have had a great and relaxing time! :-)