Friday, March 18, 2011

Help Japan {Part 3}

Today I want to share with you some lovely handmade goodies to support the relief efforts in Japan!
  1.  Thousand Cranes Cards from TOTA Press: Gorgeous hand-letterpressed notecards by NYC designer Tomoko Takahashi. 100% proceeds donated to the American Red Cross:

  2. Etsy: Over 3,000 items dedicating all or part of the proceeds to the relief efforts:

  3. Enter “japan relief” or “japan earthquake” in the top left search bar for more goodies:
This past week, amidst all the tragedy unfolding, I have been saved and inspired again and again by the compassion of those around me, the generosity of all those involved in the relief efforts, and the strength of the surviving victims. Yes, we will get through this. Together.


  1. :) thank you, RIEKO.

  2. thank you for the love and support here! i truly appreciate it...<3 tomoko

  3. Here is an online auction of handmade art/items that will start March 24.

  4. hi rieko - thanks for your message! I don't have your email address but if you're around there is an event that a whole bunch of camp people have put together for tonight at lolita bar.
    i'm not in nyc right now s won't be able to make it but you should go!

  5. by the way - great blog~!

  6. Rieko, it's incredible how fast a horrible tragedy like this passes by through the daily routine. Just one week has it last in the newspapers here. Nobody talks now about it anymore (now it's Libia's turn!). That makes me angry!
    I keep having all of the victims and affected people on my mind and on my prayers.

  7. Thank you so much Almu! I know, it's crazy! We all forget that the affected people have to live with the consequences of the devastation for years, even for rest of their lives... and that humanitarian crises of all sorts are happening around the globe, every day:-(