Thursday, February 10, 2011


A while back when we were doing a creativity blog together, my sister-in-law suggested the word “pobby” as the inspiration trigger of the week. Not sure why, but I heard “pobby” and I thought, pillow fighting! ...because as you know, any excuse to bring pillow fighting into life is a good one.

The best part is, this feisty little cookie comes with a sweet theme song, thanks to my wondrous hubby!

Here comes the champ,
The champ-i-on,
She'll take the gold,
when all is said and done,

She’s the champ of the world,
and she'll make you seeeeee...
Her name will be etched in historeeeee...
Pobby's the champ, the champ is POBBY!


  1. this picture cracked me up

  2. Oh man. I forgot about this spark plug! I'm pretty sure that pillow isn't regulation size.