Saturday, February 19, 2011

Logotype Shadows

Ed Benguiat’s class, week 3, part 1. Let’s say you are designing a simple logotype or signage and you want to cast a clean, hard 135º shadow behind it. Sure, that should be easy to do on the computer, right? Using the good ol’ drop shadow command in Illustrator, it would look like this:

What’s wrong with this shadow? Although this is an accurate 135º shadow—the duplicate of each letter positioned in a perfect diagonal from the original—it looks weak as a logotype, because the thickness of the shadows are uneven in the diagonal strokes of the M, A, and X. How do you get the thickness of the shadows to be an exact half of all the strokes all around? If the computer can’t do it for you, you’d better fix it yourself:

Ah, much better! If you look closely at the X, for example, you will notice that the shadow is largely distorted from the original. But the strange thing is that it looks good optically!


  1. It's official -- she's a type nerd!

  2. that was totally what i was thinking too, hahahah! nerd!

  3. I laterally just did this assignment.

  4. Hi there! Oooh, I guess I should stop posting Ed's exercises if he gives out the same ones every semester...!