Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cross

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s post involves a cross, not a heart (close!): another exercise from Ed Benguiat’s class. You start with two identical rectangles, 2"x6".

And then you rotate one 90º and intersect them dead center to make a cross:

But now, do you see that the horizontal now looks (a) a bit too thick and (b) slightly low? So what do you do to make this look even? Shave a bit off the bottom of the horizontal:

I have actually shaved off about 1/8", which sounds like a lot. This principle reminds me of my dance teachers training me to keep my gaze slightly above eye level on stage, otherwise from the audience I appear to be looking down.  In type design, we get to constantly grapple with optical illusions, such as these!

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