Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, Snow...More Snow!

Good morning, fluffy snow! You make me so happy no matter how old I am.
 Stepping out into the winter wonderland...
The cars are perfectly snuggled in big, puffy white comforters.
I kept thinking of the White Tree of Gondor, from the Lord of the Rings.
 Cute houses look even cuter.
Is it just me, or does snow make everything look tasty?
Marzipan mailboxes.


  1. You make the snowstorm seem so fun! That's not how I remember it.

  2. I've just heard another snow front is approaching ... 'NUFF !!!!

  3. Yes you've got a lot of snow over in NYC, we just see it in the news... but you are right IT looks like delicious cupcakes ;-) Go and treat yourself!
    Judith x