Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Mother’s Love

Woke up this morning and... HELLO, more SNOW! There was yet another glorious (and treacherous, no doubt) winter wonderland to behold outside the window. I took some photos, but those shall be posted tomorrow, because today is my mom’s birthday.

Just like in most Japanese families, we didn’t grow up kissing or saying “I love you” to each other, but she has always showered us with her love in so many other ways. One time when I was in high school, mom and I were sleeping in my tiny apartment in Tokyo, and we were woken up by a pretty heavy earthquake. The whole building shook like a jello... the furniture rattled and bounced... we were used to earthquakes in Tokyo, but this was quite scary. Yet the very first thing my mom did was to hurl herself over me, to shield me from anything that might fall down. She held me there until the quake subsided completely. Luckily nothing ended up falling on us, but I was completely stunned in the realization that she was ready to sacrifice herself for me at any given moment. (I also hoped with my entire being that she would never have to do that, ever.)

Many years later when I retold this story to my mom, she shrugged and said “Of course. That’s just what a mother does.” (That’s also very telling about her wondrous character: never makes a big deal out of anything she does.) So here is a toast to her and all the moms in the world. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you more than words can express. Thank you for everything.


  1. Cheers to Mrs. Y's Birthday ! Please extend my regard & BD wish to her :)

  2. hooray!! that picture you drew of your mom seems so representative of moms in general too. so sweet.

  3. Thank you ladies! Yay moms! xox

  4. Such a moving story. Thanks to Akiko for protecting you until I could meet you!

  5. Hi, Rieko, don't know if you remember me, we "met" at Silly in october. Now I'm following Silly the Third.
    I found your blog by cassuality, you've got really beautiful things here, I love your drawings.
    Greetings from Spain!

  6. Akiko, Rieko's mom12:38 AM

    Oh, what a beautiful story of mother's love!
    Strange enough, I don't remember anything about the earthquake episode! Like I always say, I'm fearless!!!
    Well, anyway, thanks to you all who made me feel like I'm in heaven with all the lovely comments even 7 days after my birthday! (Today is Feb.3)

  7. OF COURSE you would have forgotten, mom. LOVE YOU!

  8. oh this story makes me cry and think of my mom.