Saturday, January 15, 2011


I found this adorable, hand-painted, heart-shaped little dish in my mom’s cupboard...and I couldn’t resist painting it! My mom and I both use ginger a lot when we cook. One of my favorite dishes of hers is pan-fried lotus roots stuffed with grated ginger and ground chicken. Mmmmmm!


  1. Rieko, i think there will be no problem, just look for silliness 3 and sign in as a member.... ( or just ask Carla) but i believe as flicker is a "open" sharing site, there will be no problem. See you there than!
    xxx JuJu

  2. Hi Rieko, yum yum ginger. My hubby and I had some with our sushi last night. What a great drawing you have here I love the playful colors! I actually throw in some ginger when I boil water for pasta - its gives a nice subtle taste to the pasta plus its so good for you!

    Oh and reading the comment above about silliness 3 I'm taking it as well and its a fun laid back group. You should sign up, its fun and it's at your own pace. ♥

  3. @Judith: Thanks again!
    @Ivy: Ginger in pasta sounds fantastic, and I am going to try it next time I boil pasta. Great to hear you are taking Silly 3; I took Silly 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it!