Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Thanks!

Delighted to report: birthday weekend was full of magical moments, great company, and yummy food, thanks to you all! Above are the lovely cards from my friends and family, two of which are originally made! Ahh, how I love receiving these in the mail.

One announcement: Starting next week, I have decided to take my weekends off from posting. So : rainfall sunshine : will be running on a Monday through Friday schedule. I was originally going for the 365 posts a year challenge but quickly realized that was way too ambitious!


  1. I know what you mean! Work overload had it that i forgot to post my "pattern monday" and that's just one day in a week. It get's very time consuming when you post yourself AND follow other blogs AND Facebook AND Twitter... ;-)

  2. And i forgot to say: very nice birthday mail! I can see a Bella Pilar in the background, but i prefer the brown one "Girl with ballons". And it's nice to hear that you spent a good BD Weekend :-)

  3. Thank you Judith! My college best friend made that one (girl with balloons) and sent it to me from Portland. I knew you‘d love the paper craft;)